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What is an Iolite?

by Jennifer Rivera on

Iolite is a blue gemstone that comes from the mineral Cordierite. Most Iolites are found in Africa, India, Brazil, and Norway.

A Gemstone with Intense Color

Iolites are often confused with Tanzanites due to its blue-violet hue. Fine Iolites are naturally vibrant and do not need to be treated. They are usually transparent and commonly contain a few inclusions. The beautiful blue violet hue is due to the presence of iron.

Gemstone Care

Iolite is a fairly hard stone, however, extra care should be taken to prevent hard knocks. These stones are not tolerant to high temperatures. Avoid steamers and ultra sonics when cleaning. It is recommended to use warm soapy water and a cloth to clean jewelry with Iolites.

Iolite Fun Facts

Iolites are also known as the Viking's stone. According to Norse legend, it is said that Iolites were used by Vikings as polarizing filter to help them locate the sun on cloudy days. It is believed that the Vikings found these stones throughout Norway and Greenland.

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