#WEW Jennifer Rivera - Jewelry Designer, Entrepreneur - 31 Jewels Inc.

#WEW Jennifer Rivera - Jewelry Designer, Entrepreneur

Jennifer Rivera is a creative designer and businesswoman born in Puerto Rico. Rivera has been in the precious metal industry for over 15 years. Being a jeweler and graphic designer has supported her passion for reusing, re-design, and repairing fine jewelry. Hence, it never loses value and can be transformed into a personalized masterpiece.

Besides being a jewelry designer, she has sold millions of dollars in fine jewelry from other world-class designers and unique vintage pieces thru her online store 31 Jewels Inc. Her passion for art and expertise in the jewelry industry have made her dream come true. She is becoming a popular local designer who creates custom-made fine jewelry with the highest quality gemstones and diamonds.

Jennifer’s designs are beautiful, one-of-a-kind pieces custom-made for a woman who wants to use unique, handmade, fine jewelry that will last a lifetime. She is fascinated with acquiring the most beautiful stones and working with goldsmiths who can craft her creations by hand with the highest standards in the industry.

Elegant, simple, and subtle are some of the words that describe Jennifer’s designs. Her vision is to create personalized fine jewelry that can be worn every day and make a woman feel beautiful, confident,
and authentic.
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