Learn more about 31 Jewels Inc.

31 Jewels Inc. has been selling fine jewelry online since January of 2014. We offer a wide selection of new and pre-owned jewelry, including but not limited to designer and vintage pieces. Our goal is to bring you the finest in jewelry at a reasonable price, from one-of-a-kind pieces to trendy styles.

We carry men's jewelry, but our primary focus is women's jewelry. At 31 Jewels Inc., you will find a beautiful selection of unique jewelry, mostly in solid gold with natural diamonds and gemstones.

Our jewelry is ready to wear!
Whether it's new or used—you won't be able to tell the difference! That's our promise. We clean, polish, service, and restore every piece before it is delivered and is all backed by easy returns, complimentary shipping, and guarantees such as authenticity and warranty on all performed services.

Woman-Owned, Women-Led

Jennifer Rivera founded 31 Jewels Inc. after years of selling jewelry online for other jewelers. The knowledge and experience she gained during those years made it possible to become an independent jeweler herself. She has gained popularity as a designer in her community through her line, which is only available at 31 Jewels Inc.

Rivera has redesigned many vintage pieces giving new life to outdated jewelry. She strives for balance, beauty, simplicity, and elegance as a designer. Her works are handmade, personalized, and tailored for women that want fashionable and long-lasting jewelry suitable for everyday wear.

In the beginning, her most prominent supporters were other successful women. Thanks to that, her dreams of having her own company and brand became a reality. She is committed to helping other women accomplish their goals by advocating for women entrepreneurs and charities supporting women's causes.