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Kieselstein-Cord Frog Charm Chain Necklace in Sterling Silver

Kieselstein-Cord Frog Charm Chain Necklace in Sterling Silver

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Step into the enchanting world of vintage jewelry with this stunning Kieselstein Cord chain necklace! Crafted in exquisite sterling silver and boasting a delightful frog charm, this piece is a true gem from 1996. With its pristine condition, it's as if time has stood still, preserving its beauty and allure.

The frog pendant is a whimsical centerpiece that adds a touch of playfulness to your ensemble. It can be removed or worn with other Kieselstein-Cord pieces. The sterling silver chain is 17 inches long and 9mm wide with a large spring clasp. Each link is marked with Kieselstein-Cord's signature mark. With a substantial weight of 107.2 grams, its durable construction enhances its timeless appeal, promising an everlasting treasure.

The chain and charm are in excellent condition.

Length, 17 inches
Chain Width, 9mm
Frog, 33mm L x 21mm W x 10mm H
Weight, 107.2 grams

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