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Mid-Century Diamond Statement Link Bracelet in Platinum 20.15 cttw

Mid-Century Diamond Statement Link Bracelet in Platinum 20.15 cttw

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This Mid-Century Diamond Statement Link Bracelet is a true embodiment of the glamour and elegance of its era. Expertly crafted in premium platinum, the bracelet exhibits a design that resonates with the lavish style of the mid-20th century, making it a remarkable piece of history.

At the heart of this magnificent piece is a dazzling 1-carat diamond, radiating with brilliance and serving as the central focal point. Surrounding this centerpiece, a generous scattering of smaller diamonds totaling 7.70 carats further enhances the bracelet's luminosity. Each diamond has been meticulously set, creating an alluring shimmer that captures and reflects light from every angle.

This bracelet, in excellent condition, showcases the superior craftsmanship of its time. Despite the passage of years, it has maintained its charm and luster, making it not just a piece of jewelry but a preserved artifact of a bygone era of glamour.

Undoubtedly a statement piece, this bracelet draws the eye with its extensive diamond encrustation and striking design. It promises to be the centerpiece of any jewelry collection and a conversation starter on any special occasion. This mid-century diamond link bracelet is an accessory and testament to timeless style and elegance.

Length, 7.25 inches
Width, 28mm
Height, 4mm
***Approx. Total Carat Weight, 20.15 carats
Diamond Color and Clarity, G/H/VS-SI
Weight, 75.5 grams

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