#WEW Triny Mancisidor - Brand Strategist - 31 Jewels Inc.

#WEW Triny Mancisidor - Brand Strategist

Triny Mancisidor is a Brand Strategist and Graphic Designer with more than 20 years of experience designing for marketing and branding. 

She arrived in Florida 9 years ago with two toddlers. Her husband was starting a new position in Miami. 

She had recently quit her job on the most fantastic magazine publisher in Mexico to focus on her children when the opportunity to move to the States presented. 

Leaving family, friends, and the comforts she had in México, she had to reinvent herself to keep up with raising her kids and recover her career.

And she did! Now she helps Consultants with non-professional logos willing to improve their business, rebrand, become relevant to their clients, get more and better references, and stand out as professionals. 

She also runs the "Crece con tu Marca" program, guiding small businesses to create and run their brand strategies. 

She is the author of the bilingüal illustrated book "A moment that lasts forever" for mums with toddlers, a story based on her own experience as a mother.

Her favorite jewelry is either surprising, creative, or elegant pieces.

Instagram account: @crececontumarca


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