Jennifer Rivera: Master Jeweler, Artist, and Visionary at 31 Jewels Inc.

Jennifer Rivera, a talented jewelry designer and entrepreneur, smiling while working on a piece of handcrafted jewelry in her studio.

Jennifer Rivera: A Symphony of Art and Elegance in Jewelry Design In the photo, Jennifer Rivera radiates inspiration, adorned with rings from her signature Aros collection.

Jennifer Rivera's journey is as multifaceted as the jewels she crafts. Born in the vibrant culture of Puerto Rico, Jennifer's artistic talent was evident early on. She painted, held exhibitions in Puerto Rico and Lima, Peru, and attended art school, graduating as a graphic designer. Her artistic endeavors weren't confined to visual arts; since childhood, she has been crafting jewelry and playing the guitar, showcasing a versatile range of creative skills.

Embarking on a Journey of Empowerment and Craftsmanship

Jennifer's path to founding 31 Jewels Inc. is a testament to her dedication and passion. Starting from humble beginnings, where her father worked as a mechanic and her mother served in the government, Jennifer's resilience and ambition were evident. Leaving Puerto Rico at 18, she pursued her dreams and a brighter future with relentless determination.

Her foray into the world of fine jewelry began in her twenties, working for a jeweler where she honed her skills in polishing and refinishing. This experience laid the groundwork for her expertise in jewelry, leading her to a prominent luxury watch dealer in Miami. Here, she deepened her knowledge of luxury watches, fascinated by the intricate engineering and complex movements that echoed her own meticulous approach to jewelry design.

31 Jewels Inc.: The Culmination of a Lifelong Passion

The name '31 Jewels Inc.' is a nod to her fascination with luxury watches, reflecting the intricate movements that captivated her imagination. It symbolizes the blend of artistry and precision that defines her work. Jennifer's vision for 31 Jewels Inc. is more than just a business; it's a platform for empowering women, a value ingrained in her from her early years. She built the company from her home, channeling her experiences, insights, and creative flair into a brand that resonates with elegance and sophistication.

Design Philosophy: Crafting Stories in Metal and Stone

Jennifer Rivera is not just a jewelry designer; she's a storyteller. Her creations, from the exquisite Aros collection to custom-made pieces, are imbued with stories of individuality, empowerment, and timeless elegance. Her designs reflect a commitment to beauty, functionality, and exclusivity, catering to discerning women who seek more than just adornment – they seek a piece of art that echoes their own unique journey.

Join Jennifer in Celebrating Artful Jewelry

Explore Jennifer Rivera’s diverse and elegant collection at 31 Jewels Inc. and discover jewelry that’s more than an accessory – it's a personal statement, a piece of wearable art crafted with passion, history, and a deep understanding of luxury and beauty.

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